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Lip gloss is a cosmetic product used by teenage girls and women of all ages, primarily to improve the shine or color of their lips. Lip glosses are divided into matte color finishes which are intended to last longer and more translucent, shimmering color tints which are expected to be short lived.

Lip gloss comes in many forms. It can be a viscous liquid normally sold in squeeze tubes or bottles with some type of applicator. Other glosses are more creamy or solid and are sold in cylindrical pots or tins for application with the finger or a cosmetic wedge.

Lip gloss is most frequently used as a cosmetic, however the better products also act as moisturizers. Many lip glosses now contain SPF rated sunscreens. A new feature of the top lip glosses is to incorporate active ingredients such as vitamins and minerals.

Smokin’ Hotties Lifestyle Lip Glosses are an incredible new cosmetic line which incorporates SPF sunscreen, moisturizers, as well as terpene infusions, formulated to provide an extraordinary beauty edge while always supporting positive lifestyle change. Smokin’ Hotties are available with a variety of specific functions, in fourteen popular shades, and in both color-stay matte finishes and shimmering gloss finishes.

Terpene based glosses created for the trend of times and the science of Olfaction. You'll also be offered 32 Popular Terpenes to choose from bringing our product offering to over 1650 individual items.


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 A piece from each of our sales go to feed a child for one week. With your help, we can continue to eradicate world hunger. 




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